6' 6'' Wayne Lynch Surftech
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Secure payment
Secure transactions
The transaction is secure, all personal information is protected and encrypted before being sent to our processing centre. has taken all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of data transmitted over the Internet and on the website. In this respect, the website uses a pay box type of secure payment module.

What is a secure payment ?
A « secure » payment means that transactions executed on the internet are protected against interception by third parties including modifying or altering the original content.

What is encryption ?
Encryption means keeping the content secret. This means that the letters in the message are changed into a series of numbers and then these numbers are sent to the recipient, who has the facility to disencrypt this.

What does SSL mean ?
« Secure Socket Layer » means the forms are secure when the buyer enters his bank details. The keys used for the numerals are 128 bits. The protocol used is compatible with both Netscape and Internet Explorer.

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